How Levy Dollars Are Spent

Stable funding from the previous successful levies has provided:

  • 30 new buses, replacing pre-1977 buses;
  • Installation of a wide-area network and computers for learning;
  • Integrated telephone system district-wide;
  • Several major building maintenance projects.
The 2014-2017 Levy Plan Provides:
  • Teachers and counselors;
  • Training and planning time for teachers;
  • Instruction improvement: textbooks and curriculum;
  • Music, arts, drama enhancements;
  • Student health, safety, and security;
  • School supplies and services;
  • Athletics and after-school activities;
  • Major building maintenance projects (roofs, alarms, flooring, asphalt/concrete, equipment, and other maintenance projects);
  • Replacement of computers;
  • 33% of the cost to provide pupil transportation;
  • Building maintenance and custodial support staffing;
  • Community relations, technology and district-wide support.
2014-2017 Levy Funded Staff:
How Levy Dollars Are Spent  
Last Modified on June 18, 2013