Quest Program for Highly Capable
Selection Process
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Selection Phases and Tools


   Our regular selection process for the following year's classes takes place in the spring.
   Only students new to the district will be considered during our fall selection process.
   SCREENING AND NOMINATIONS:  All second grade students in the district will be administered a  CogAT screener in their regular classrooms during the month of February.  Students who perform above average on the screener as well as 3-8th graders who are nominated, will complete the first phase of testing.
Phase 1:  Group cognitive abilities testing- Verbal/Non-verbal/Quantitative -
This phase is used to
determine general ability of students to grasp
abstract concepts in advance of their 
chronological peers.

 Phase 2:  (Grades 2-5) Creativity testing 
This phase is done to give a general measurement of each student’s
creative thinking abilities. 


                                             Phase 3:  (Grades 2-8) State and district assessments and teacher rating scales evaluated.
Final Selections
At the end of the testing process, all results are evaluated by a multi-disciplinary committee.
Selections are made on the basis of all testing data and teacher/parent evaluations.

Appeals Process

The appeals process begins when a student and or parent is not satisfied with the decision of the selection team.  Every attempt will be made to reach a resolution at the lowest level of the process.
1.  Conference with Quest staff-review scores
2.  Written appeal to the Director of Special Programs
3.  Conference with Deputy Superintendent




All notifications will be done by mail.

Spring 2014 Selection Schedule
Click here for parent nomination information.
  • January - 1st Friday in March - Nominations accepted for 3rd - 8th graders.
  • February - All second grade students are administered the cognitive abilities screener in their regular classroom.
  • First Friday in March- Nominations due to the Quest office
  • Mid-April - Nominated students' parents/guardians are notified
  • Late April/Early May - First phase of testing (gr. 3-8).  Conducted at Hidden Creek; one of two dates and times will be assigned.
  • Late May - First phase selection and notifications are made (all notifications will be done by mail)
  • Late May/Early June - Second phase of testing for grades 2-5 (conducted in each building)
  • June - Final selections and notifications will be made (all notifications are done by mail)
PLEASE NOTE: If a student has special testing needs, it is the responsibility of the individual who has nominated that student to notify the Quest staff.
Fall Quest selection process
Open only to students who are identified as gifted from another district and are new to SKSD.
Placement is made based on available openings
August – October 1st  
            • Review nomination form
            • Evaluate any previous testing information
            • Complete any necessary testing
            • Determine qualification
            • Contact parents by mail with decision

Students new to the district need to provide records of comparable testing from their previous districts, if this information is available. South Kitsap uses three tests to determine student qualification. If no previous testing information is available, if the testing tools used in the previous district are not similar, or if the information is more than two years old, students will be tested using the district's testing process.

Last Modified on May 19, 2014