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Marketing 2008- 2009

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Room 261; Grades 10th – 11th – 12th



Our Mission: “To educate each student to be a successful, productive contributor to society by providing powerful teaching and learning opportunities.”



DEPARTMENT/DISCIPLINE: Introduction to Marketing / Marketing Operations

      Course: Marketing Essentials                            

      Instructor: Mr. Steven W. Phillips

      Telephone: 360- 874- 5676

      E-Mail Address:        


1.        GENERAL EDUCATION GOALS: Career and Technical Education Standards - Standards and competencies used in this curriculum framework are from the National Marketing Education Standards.


The student will be equipped with the needed computer skills to excel in a digital business world. He or she will be capable of using a broad range of computer technology, from basic hardware and software, to operating systems, and applications from the “Intra” to the Internet, E-mail and web page design, accounting and inventory software. Students will have the kinds of computer literacy skills that employers, colleges and universities need them to learn to be successful. They will be positioned to advance their education and career through additional computer technology training within the Business and Marketing environment. Marketing Education explores marketing fundamentals, selling, human resource fundamentals, promotion, student store operations, Credit Union management and leadership development. The course will prepare the student for careers in sales, business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Every student will learn valuable skills to apply to their related career paths, since there is marketing present in every occupation. Student opportunities will include Marketing Class, Student Store, Credit Union, Work Based Learning and the DECA Club. Full curriculum maps are available upon request.


Grading Scale:

A      100-93

A-     92.99-90

B+    89.99-88

B      87.99-83

B-     82.99-80


C+    79.99-78

C      77.99-73

C-     72.99-70

D+    69.99-68

D      67.99-60

F       59.99-0



Class Grade Weights:

Tests = 30 %

Class Work = 20%

Quizzes = 10%


Projects = 10%

Presentations = 10%                              

Home Work- Journals = 10%

Quarterly Exam = 10%                           


Tests will be given every Thursday / Friday and Journals assigned Monday / Tuesday of each week. Quizzes will be assessed weekly to check for student retention. Homework will be assigned at least twice a week. Leadership Points will be awarded to students who attend meetings, special events, and for various projects during the year, as outlined in their DECA “lettering” hand-out. Area, States and National DECA Competitions will be addressed with practice during class. Special Projects are assigned every Trimester articulated to college credits with community service and fund raisers.


COURSE COMPETANCIES: Curriculum Outline- 1st Trimester (09/03– 11/22/6)

Chapters: 1- 2- 3- 8- 33- 35- 18- 19- 36: Projects + Fall Leadership and Area Competitions


The World of Marketing: Marketing is all around Us

Marketing and the marketing concept

The importance of Marketing

Fundamentals of Marketing

     Define marketing, its’ foundations, functions, marketing concepts, benefits, market share, target markets, components of the marketing mix.


The Marketing Plan

Marketing Planning

Market segmentation

Market Coordinator

       SWOT analysis, factors of an environmental scan, basic elements of a marketing plan, market segmentation, analyze a target market, mass marketing vs. segmentation.     

Economic Concepts: Political and Economic Analysis

                What is an Economy

                Understanding the Economy

Internet Marketing Consultant        

Concepts of an economy, factors of production, mixed economies, various economic systems, goals of a healthy economy, economy measurement, the business cycle.


Skills for Marketing: Communication Skills

Defining Communication

Elements of Speech and Writing

Account Executives

     Effective verbal communication, cultural differences, reading for meaning, organize and present your ideas, writing effective business letters and persuasive messages.


Entrepreneurship and Finance: Entrepreneurial Concepts


                Case Studies

                Logistics of Business Ownership

                     Advantages and risks, characteristics and skills, importance of small business,

                forms of business ownership, legal steps to take in establishing a business.


Developing a Business Plan

                The Business Plan

                The Marketing and Financial Plans


                   Purpose and importance of a business plan, business organization plan, construct a

                marketing plan, financial elements and financing sources for business.


Promotion: Visual Merchandising and Display

                Display Features

                Artistic Design

                Architect, Architecture and Interior Design

                     Concept and purpose, elements of visual merchandising, the role it plays on the

                 marketing team, artistic elements function in display design, display maintenance.



                Advertising Media

                Media Measurement and Rates

                Generating New Revenue

                      Advertising in the promotional mix, different types of advertising media, media

                 measurement techniques, media costs, promotional budget methods.


Entrepreneurship and Finance: Financing the Business

                Preparing Financial Documents

                Financial aspect of a business plan

                Financial Manager

                    The purpose of financial documents, personal financial statement, start-up costs for a

                business, income and expenses, income statement / balance sheet, cash flow.




                Assistance: I will be available after class each Wednesday for a period of 1 hour and during Tutorial if students have questions or are seeking extra help with subject matter. I want this to be a structured class where little homework is necessary yet class participation is essential.




Steven W. Phillips

Marketing Education Instructor

DECA/ Store/ Credit Union Advisor

Work Base Learning Coordinator

South Kitsap HS

360- 874- 5676

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