Officers Meeting: Responsibilities                                                           09/15/08 – 23 STUDENTS

 DECA- What the Hecka


President: Meeting Dates, Advertising for meetings

Bretey- 9/10 Meeting: DECA Week, Scrapbook

Mike V- 9/10 Meeting

Alicia V.- 10/08 meeting

Sarah Voigt- 10/08 meeting

Amy M.- 11/12 Meeting


Vice President: Events

Alicia H. - Classroom Cork Board

Banks- Sponsors

Glunz- Sponsors / labor to top sponsor!!! 

Hartwig- DECA Competitions – Web Page

Bricker- DECA Competitions: - (Kitsap Card)- DECA Mail

Heather S- Community Events- ADA Walk 10/11

Sam- Community Events- DECA T Shirts- ADA Walk 10/11

Dani- DECA Activities: DECA Week, Scrapbook

Jolynn- DECA Week, Scrapbook, DECA Activities

Rachael H.-


Secretary: Meeting Minutes

Sawyer- Minutes from last meeting to me electronically

Kenny Buchner- Buggs-


Treasurer: All Major Events, Event Food, DECA Class Membership

Frigaard- Budget – Plan Fall Leadership Conference: DECA Week, Scrapbook

Bolar- Current budget

Kelly Wilson-


Historian: Photographer, Trophy Room

Nikki Tab- Camera

Joe Rose-

Rena Lindberg-








Last Modified on September 17, 2008