School District Budget Information

School Budget
What is a budget?
  • The instrument that sets forth an annual financial plan for the school district and community goals.
  • Establishes maximum amounts the district can spend for each fund.
  • Provides a means of measuring and guiding performance by comparing planned expenditures and staffing levels against actual expenses and staffing levels.
  • Must be balanced.  For example, beginning fund balance plus revenues must equal or exceed expenditures in each fund.
  • Covers the fiscal year, from September 1 to August 31 of the following calendar year.
  • Must be formally adopted by the Board of Directors each year, and a copy submitted to the state.
  • Provides the historical data required for realistic future budget preparation.

District Comparison 


The State of Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) publishes a financial summary every year that provides comparable data about all school districts.  Click here to view the reports from OSPI.


South Kitsap School District has developed three charts to compare South Kitsap with our neighbors and comparable sized school districts.  Seattle and Tacoma School Districts are included for additional interest and perspective.  Click here to view the charts.


Questions and Answers
Frequently asked questions about South Kitsap School District's budget.

For more information about the budget, please contact Business and Support Services at 874-7013.


Last Modified on January 17, 2017