Title I and Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

Title I


Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act provides Federal financial assistance to local school districts for programs to meet the needs of students who are below grade level, or who are at greatest risk of failing to meet our state’s academic standards.  Supplemental instruction is provided in Reading/Language Arts and/or Mathematics.  Students who are in the greatest need must be served first.  Title I staff and a building team develops a plan for the use of Title I funds.  The committee includes, but is not limited to parents of participants, teachers, principals, administrators and school directors.  The plans include student identification criteria; planned services and activities, a plan for annual evaluations based on evidence of the instructional program meeting the goals and objective of the plan, and the state’s high standards of participating students; plans for parental involvement and  data collection procedures are also required in the plan.


The South Kitsap School District’s Title I Program uses a balanced approach to teach reading, with a strong emphasis on phonological awareness, phonics, word structure, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency strategies.  Math is taught using diagnostic and prescriptive instruction, with many manipulatives.  Title I allocations are determined by the County’s Federal Census and free and reduced lunch counts.  The program is a poverty-driven model.  Schools that are above 41.48% free and reduced lunch count may qualify for Title I dollars. Five elementary schools qualify for Title I funds.  East Port Orchard, Sidney Glen, Burley Glenwood, Manchester, and Orchard Heights Elementary Schools qualify as Title I School-wide programs. To have a Title I School-wide Program, a building must have a minimum of 40% free and reduced lunch count.  As a school-wide program all students in the school are eligible for Title I services.




% Free/Reduced Lunch Count

Title I/LAP Buildings

Orchard Heights TITLE & LAP   


East Port Orchard TITLE

Sidney Glen TITLE & LAP50.23%
Burley Glenwood TITLE & LAP47.65%
Manchester TITLE & LAP44.47%
Olalla LAP42.62% 
Hidden Creek LAP39.71% 
Mullenix Ridge LAP28.91% 
Marcus Whitman TITLE & LAP45.69% 
Cedar Heights TITLE & LAP43.33% 
Discovery TITLE & LAP65.28% 
South Kitsap High LAP34.29% 

Buildings/Programs not receiving Title I/LAP Services

Sunnyslope Elementary


South Colby


Explorer Academy


John Sedgwick Jr High


District Average




Learning Assistance Program (LAP)


The Learning Assistance Program is a state funded program designed to enhance educational opportunities for public school students who are at risk of not meeting the state’s academic standards. The program is similar in requirements and services to Title I.  Students are served in reading, language arts, and mathematics.  The program must serve students with the greatest academic need in basic skills identified by the statewide assessments.


The formula for determining the District allocation is based on poverty factors.  There are seven (11) schools that qualify for LAP in the South Kitsap School District: South Kitsap High School, Burley-Glenwood Elementary, Cedar Heights Junior High, Marcus Whitman Junior High School, Orchard Heights Elementary, Sidney Glen Elementary, Hidden Creek Elementary, Olalla Elementary, Mullenix Ridge Elementary, Manchester Elementary and Discovery.


For Your Information: Complaints Related to Federal Programs

A citizen complaint is a written statement that alleges a violation of a federal rule, law or regulation or state regulation that applies to a federal program.


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·        There is no special form.

·        There is no need to know the law that governs a federal program to file a complaint.


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