District Bridge Goals

Student Success
Family Engagement and Community Partnerships
Resourceful and Responsible

The district opted for the concept of “bridge” goals in order to celebrate the great work that has been done in the past, and set immediate goals that will “bridge” our efforts to long-term, future success.

Compelling and Compliant Tracks

Two additional concepts to these goals include measuring success holistically and making the goals “dual tracks,” or compelling and compliant.

Measuring success holistically takes into consideration all the evidence indicating progress, growth and accomplishments, such as training, data beyond WASL scores, partnerships formed, etc. We believe that such an approach can empower schools, departments and community members to actively contribute to our goal efforts by gathering evidence and reporting specific, personal indicators of progress. We will monitor progress on a monthly basis, providing informal reports at Governing Board meetings.

In order to be meaningful, it is crucial that our goals be both compliant and compelling, thus the “Dual Tracks.” For example, our Student Success goal has immediate targets related to how our special education and low income students perform on the WASL, while also indicating the purpose-oriented goal of “high levels of learning for all students. As you review the target areas, note the “two tracks” with specific goal language that is compelling (visionary) and compliant (action/short term) in nature.

It is our hope that these goals serve to nurture, inspire and build our district, while further clarifying not only what we are doing, but why we are doing it.


Last Modified on December 22, 2014