Resources for Hope
Hidden Creek PowerPoint (from Oct. 11 WSASCD Conference and Kids at Hope presentations) -Hidden Creek - Moving Toward Joy 
Hidden Creek Kids at Hope Visits Videos:
   When We Believe in Kids - (2.4 min.) Cardboard signs declare how hope can change kids.
   A Game of Hope - (5.5 min.) Gainsville football players lives are changed.

   Do Not Quit - (6 min.) Red Hat video in which coach demands player's best and won't let him quit. Doers of Tought Stuff
   Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirationa Transformation - (5 min.) Anyone can have hope when someone believes in them.
Hidden Creek Videos from WSASCD Conference presentation:
  Begin Each Day with Hope - (8 min.) See how a typical day starts as each child
    is welcomed,
valued, engaged, and challenged
  Hawk Talk -(6 min.) Find out what students, parents, and staff have to say about
    Hidden Creek

Thailand Soup Video - (5 min.) Giving is contagious
Rita Pearson Video - (10 min.) The importance of teachers connecting with students
Hidden Creek Data Carousel Hope Sheet

Hidden Creek PBIS Materials
Last Modified on March 21, 2014