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Community Budget Advisory Team (CBAT)
CBRC Kids The Community Budget Advisory Team is a Board appointed group that reviews the budget and makes recommendations to the Board annually.  The role of the team is to advise the Board of Directors how to improve budget analysis to better align with the District's vision, mission and strategic plan and the Boards Ends statements. The budget recommendations will include a 3 to 5 year plan. Ideally, members serve a four-year term, including three years of studying the budget by program area and the fourth year preparing for the replacement school support levy election.    
Community Budget Advisory Team (CBAT) Tasks and Purposes
  • To advise the Board of Directors how to improve the budget to better align with the District's vision, mission, strategic plan and Ends statement;
  • To develop recommendations for a 3-5 year budget;
  • To develop a greater understanding of school programs and school finance;
  • To provide community perspective to the District in planning long range financial strategies;
  • To serve as a program budget review committee making recommendations to the School Board;
  • To act as liaison to the community and facilitate at public town meetings if needed;
  • To review and advise the School Board regarding levy elections  
Five Questions for Program Budget Review 

The CBAT works in teams to study each program budget, organizes the analysis, and reports around the following questions:

  1. How does this budget align with the District Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan and Ends statement?
  2. Are there parts of this budget that should be redirected to classroom or academic achievement?
  3. If financial difficulties or District priorities require some reduction to this budget, what expenditures should be considered for reduction first?
  4. If additional funds become available, what areas of this budget should be considered first for enhancement?
  5. If the overall budget stays the same, are there areas in this budget where efficiencies can be found and resources redirected?

Study Areas/Annual Recommendations to the Board

The District’s program study areas are on an annual basis.  CBAT work in teams to study the budget by program areas scheduled for the year.  At the end of each year’s analysis, the CBAT presents its recommendations to the Board of Directors.

  • Board may incorporate recommendations into the current or future budget development process;
  • Board may reject recommendations;
  • Board may request further study of findings and recommendations.
2014-15 Meeting Minutes
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