Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Student Teacher Placement
(observation/practicum/student teaching/internship)
South Kitsap School District is dedicated to contributing excellence to future educators.  Student teaching is considered to be the single most important experience in a teacher preparation program.  By working together, we hope to nurture the professional growth of teacher candidates, support the continued professional development of cooperating teachers, and provide for quality learning experiences for the students in our school.
All practicum, student teacher, and/or intern applicants must be enrolled in a State Board of Education approved college/university education program, with field supervisors provided by the university.  The college/university must also have a current contract on file with the South Kitsap School District prior to submitting an application.
All arrangements to accept student teachers are made through Human Resources in conjunction with the college and university placement offices.  This includes all observation, practicum, intern, and student teaching requests.  In order to meet the needs of the many universities/colleges', a student teacher placement request must be sent to the Human Resources Department by the following dates:
  • By November 3rd for Winter 2016-17
  • By January 23rd for Spring 2016-17
  • By May 1st for Fall 2017-18
The South Kitsap School District places student teachers on a semester by semester basis.  Often times, student teachers request a specific placement location and mentor teacher.  South Kitsap School District will make every effort to accommodate such requests.  There are, however, times that we may not be able to accept the specific placement request due to events in our district that are not conducive to a good student teaching experience.
The State of Washington requires that everyone who has contact with students in the school setting be fingerprinted prior to starting their assignments.
Student teachers will not be allowed into the classroom without proof of current fingerprints.  Requests for placement will not be sent until fingerprinting can be confirmed.
Please download and submit the Student Teacher Application Packet.
  • Student Teacher Application Packet (request for placement form, disclosure statement, policies & procedures form)
  • Student's Resume or Biography
  • Proof of Student's Liability Insurance Certificate/Form (verify with your university if needed)
  • Proof of Student's Fingerprint Clearance
Once Human Resources has received all completed documents, the information will be forwarded to the building administrator for placement review.  Once placement has been confirmed, Human Resources will send an email the university coordinator with your student teaching placement information.
CLICK HERE to download your Student Teacher Application Packet.
For questions, please contact Sarah Conner  or 360.874.7074.
Thank you for considering South Kitsap School District.  We look forward to working with you.
Last Modified on March 14, 2017