Saturday, June 24, 2017
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SKSD Visual and Performing Arts Department
Providing Creativity and Innovation to All Children

Bob Cooper, Director                  

It is our mission to provide every student in the South Kitsap School District an opportunity to Create, Perform, and Respond through Dance, Music, Theatre, and the Visual Arts.

Programs offered under the direction of this department:
  • Elementary Vocal/Classroom Music
  • Elementary 5th and 6th Grade Beginning and Advanced Bands 
  • Junior High Choral and Instrumental Music
  • Junior High Theatre
  • Junior High Visual Arts
  • High School Choral and Instrumental Music
  • High School Commercial Music Technology
  • High School Guitar
  • High School Theatre
  • High School Visual Arts/Applied Arts
  • Elementary Beginning Strings at Sidney Glen and Burley Glenwood
  • Arts4Learning Project in conjunction with the Washington State Arts Commission            
District Arts Calendar
Families and community members are invited to any of South Kitsap School District's Visual and Performing Art performances. Call the hosting school for more information on individual performances.
Movement, Dance, and Brain Research
Debbie Gilbert, a renown national dance and movement  specialist, has provided us with a number of versions of Ann Green Gilbert's BrainDance.  The videos are perfect for large and small group participation.  Each has been crafted to focus on a specific learning process through the medium of movement and dance.
The Brain Dance -  https://vimeo.bcom/90272958 
The Literacy Brain Dance - Primary
The Literacy Brain Dance - Intermediate
The Math Brain Dance -Primary
The Math Brain Dance -Intermediate
Arts4Learning is a program created through community partnership. It is funded by the South Kitsap School District and through a Community Consortia Grant from the Washington State Arts Commission.

Arts4Learning provides:
  • Arts4Kids instruction in Visual Arts and/or Dance during Wednesday Collaboration time at five elementary schools
  • Fall and Spring publication of the South Kitsap Visual Arts News
  • Monthly Masterpiece Moments communications
  • SKSD website Visual Art Teaching Resources for teachers and community
  • Professional development for teachers in Dance and Visual Arts
  • Founding and development of a regional South Kitsap Arts Council
  • Seattle Art Museum Teacher Resources