Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Diversity and Multiculture Clubs
SKSD Builders of Unity

Nurturing growth, inspiring achievement, building community

... and celebrating diversity!

Mission Statement: The South Kitsap School District will be a caring, supportive and safe community for all of its citizens. We will build schools which value the individual and celebrate our differences.
Builders of Unity
Diversity and Multicultural Club
Builers of U

Embrace and Celebrate Diversity

Embracing diversity encompasses acceptance and respect for all people.  Differences can iclude, but are not limited to; race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, or political beliefs.  Celebrating diversity is the exploration of these differences in a caring, safe and supportive community.
We encourage all students, staff, and families to make a commitment to:


    • Set a positive example for family, friends and your community
    • Speak out against prejudice, intolerance and injustice.
    • Work to recognize and overcome your own biases


    Have you ever wanted to speak out against injustices? Are you interested in making a difference in how people treat each other? Do you want to work with other students and adults who have similar interests?

    South Kitsap School District has Builders of Unity Clubs at each secondary school. Students and parents who are interested in learning more information about the clubs are encouraged to contact the club advisor.

    The clubs provide activities to increase multi-cultural, global and diveristy awareness in our schools and in our community. The clubs are very active during the school year and work together on projects and events.


    South Kitsap High School: Builders of Unity

    Bev Painter at

    South Kitsap Builders of Unity


    Cedar Heights Middle School: Cedar Unity Club

    Will Lewis at

    Cedar Unity Club Website at Cedar Heights


    John Sedgwick Junior High School: Builders of Unity

    David Rodriguez at

    Builders of Unity Website at John Sedgwick


    Marcus Whitman Junior High School: Builders of Unity

    Kyle Dye at

    Builders of Unity Webpage at Marcus Whitman


    Some Helpful Links:
    Teaching Tolerance -