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Location Last Name First Name Position Voicemail Direct Phone Email Website Bargaining Unit
Sidney Glen Arnold Dianne PT Assistant 360-874-6400 x2712 360-874-6400 x2712 PSE
Sidney Glen Battitori Angela Teacher SKEA
Sidney Glen Behrens Jana Teacher 360-874-6400 x3401 360-443-3401 SKEA
Sidney Glen Birdsall Angela Office Coordinator 360-874-6400 x3452 360-443-3452 PSE
Sidney Glen Blake Missy Counselor 360-874-6400 x3430 360-443-3430 SKEA
Sidney Glen Bodnar Cyndi Teacher 360-874-6400 x3410 360-443-3410 SKEA
Sidney Glen Bray Robin Teacher 360-874-6400 x3416 360-443-3416 SKEA
Sidney Glen Broback SaraLee Teacher 360-874-6400 x3411 360-443-3411 SKEA
Sidney Glen Brookins Rebekah Office Assistant 360-874-6400 x3453 360-443-3453 PSE
Sidney Glen Brossard Ginnie Assistant Principal 360-874-6400 x3420 360-443-3420 SKAP
Sidney Glen Bulthuis Peter Teacher 360-874-6400 x3408 360-443-3408 SKEA
Sidney Glen Burg Hamner Kristin Teacher 360-874-6400 x3419 360-443-3419 SKEA
Sidney Glen Calvert Deborah Paraeducator 360-874-6400 x3422 360-443-3422 PSE
Sidney Glen Christopherson Gail Paraeducator 360-874-6400 x2759 360-874-6400 x2759 PSE
Sidney Glen Corbett Joy Teacher 360-874-6400 x3446 360-443-3446 SKEA
Sidney Glen Cronin Michelle Library Teacher 360-874-6400 x3407 360-443-3407 SKEA
Sidney Glen Daun Susan Music Teacher 360-874-6400 x3432 360-443-3432 SKEA
Sidney Glen Dickerson Brooke Teacher 360-874-6400 x3402 360-443-3402 SKEA
Sidney Glen Dierck Jane Teacher 360-874-6400 x3457 360-443-3457 SKEA
Sidney Glen Eaton Michelle Teacher 360-874-6400 x3421 360-443-3421 SKEA
Sidney Glen Encio Almario Custodian 360-874-6400 x2501 360-874-6400 x2501 SEIU
Sidney Glen Gronberg Bridget Teacher 360-874-6400 x2909 360-874-6400 x2909 SKEA
Sidney Glen Hall Noel Teacher SKEA
Sidney Glen Hanley Lindsey Teacher 360-874-6400 x2915 360-874-6400 x2915 SKEA
Sidney Glen Harland Karen Custodian 360-874-6400 x8945 360-874-6400 x8945 SEIU
Sidney Glen Harmon Karen Teacher 360-874-6400 x3409 360-443-3409 SKEA
Sidney Glen Held Peggy Helper/Server SEIU
Sidney Glen Hendrickson LaDawna Playground Attendant PSE
Sidney Glen Hines Kym Office Coordinator Assistant 360-874-6400 x3454 360-443-3454 PSE
Sidney Glen Hopkins Scott Teacher 360-874-6400 x3413 360-443-3413 SKEA
Sidney Glen Houck Lori Head Custodian 360-874-6400 x3434 360-443-3434 SEIU
Sidney Glen Howard Kay Teacher 360-874-6400 x3449 360-443-3449 SKEA
Sidney Glen Izzard Laura Counselor SKEA
Sidney Glen Jimenez Judi Helper/Server SEIU
Sidney Glen Johnson Nicholas PE Teacher SKEA
Sidney Glen Juntunen Erica Teacher 360-874-6400 x3443 360-443-3443 SKEA
Sidney Glen Kellum Chad Teacher 360-874-6400 x3455 360-443-3455 SKEA
Sidney Glen Knickerbocker Victoria Music Teacher 360-874-6400 x3441 360-443-3441 SKEA
Sidney Glen Lacey Joan Paraeducator PSE
Sidney Glen Larsen Christine Teacher 360-874-6400 x3426 360-443-3426 SKEA
Sidney Glen Lee Jessica Teacher 360-874-6400 x3425 360-443-3425 SKEA
Sidney Glen Lee Zmijewski Kristi Teacher 360-874-6400 x3418 360-443-3418 SKEA
Sidney Glen Macomber Irina Occupational Therapist SKEA
Sidney Glen Malley Jessica Psychologist 360-874-6400 x2660 360-874-6400 x2660 SKEA
Sidney Glen Marshall Cheryl Teacher 360-874-6400 x3417 360-443-3417 SKEA
Sidney Glen Matala Lisa Nurse 360-874-6400 x3451 360-443-3451 SKEA
Sidney Glen Mohrbacher Jerilynn Instructional Specialist 360-874-6400 x3406 360-443-3406 SKEA
Sidney Glen Moore Don Teacher 360-874-6400 x3438 360-443-3438 SKEA
Sidney Glen Mullins Kelly Volunteer Coordinator 360-874-6400 x3442 360-443-3442 PSE
Sidney Glen Neighbors Kerry Teacher 360-874-6400 x3415 360-443-3415 SKEA
Sidney Glen Newsome Nancy Teacher 360-874-6400 x3414 360-443-3414 SKEA
Sidney Glen Ogden Heather Playground Attendant PSE
Sidney Glen Peterson Sandra Speech & Language Pathologist 360-874-6400 x3423 360-443-3423 SKEA
Sidney Glen Purkett Kiva Office Assistant 360-874-6400 x3428 360-443-3428 PSE
Sidney Glen Richardson Dana Teacher 360-874-6400 x3450 360-443-3450 SKEA
Sidney Glen Ross Arkadia Teacher 360-874-6400 x3436 360-443-3436 SKEA
Sidney Glen Rottle Teresa Playground Attendant PSE
Sidney Glen Scott C J PE Teacher 360-874-6400 x3435 360-443-3435 SKEA
Sidney Glen Scott Jennifer Teacher 360-874-6400 x3405 360-443-3405 SKEA
Sidney Glen Severson Anita Paraeducator PSE
Sidney Glen Shaw Kimberly Paraeducator PSE
Sidney Glen Shdo Jason Principal 360-874-6400 x3448 360-443-3448 SKAP
Sidney Glen Spohn Cheryl Teacher 360-874-6400 x3412 360-443-3412 SKEA
Sidney Glen Stever Penny Playground Attendant PSE
Sidney Glen Stretz Tina Teacher 360-874-6400 x3444 360-443-3444 SKEA
Sidney Glen Thompson Kim Teacher 360-874-6400 x3424 360-443-3424 SKEA
Sidney Glen Tracy Deborah Teacher 360-874-6400 x3427 360-443-3427 SKEA
Sidney Glen Widdifield Nancy Paraeducator PSE