Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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SK Community Declaration of Interdependence

SigningOur Declaration of Interdependence affirms our community-wide beliefs in and goals for all children.
This simple, yet powerful document begins with the statement: All children are capable of success, without exception! So what is success? From the hundreds of surveys we received last year, parents, staff members, and students themselves helped us define a successful child as: Safe, Challenged, Healthy, Connected, Supported, and Hopeful. These characteristics reflect a successful child – a whole child.
Further, as our key logo symbolizes, our declaration stresses how vital each and every one of us are to ensuring success for every student. Each of us is key to their success!
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Support our Declaration of Interdependence
1. Sign the Declaration - (see link at top left)
2. Display a window-cling in your car or business
3. Tell your friends and family about how to sign on!