Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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South Kitsap Athletics Department

Director of SKSD Athletics, Kelly Kirk


kids camp Pursuing Victory with Honor
South Kitsap School District provides a variety of activity and athletic programs for its students. All programs are a natural extension of the quality educational programs offered in South Kitsap School District. The goal of these programs is to empower individuals, through education, to build character, discipline and responsibility. South Kitsap School District wants to maximize opportunities for participants to cooperate and compete to their highest potential. 
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The coaches and advisors of all activities must assume a major role in the development of the youth under their charge. Their mission is to develop leaders, foster cooperation, and personally model outstanding sportsmanship for emulation by students engaged in activities.
While coaches and advisors strive for a winning attitude and high level of performance it is equally important that students receive satisfaction from participating and not humiliation in losing. The primary focus for all activities is the development of desirable traits in the individual and fulfillment gained from participation in the activity itself. Participation in activities provides students with a lifetime basis for work and leisure activities.
Volunteer Coach
If you are interested in becoming an Assistant Coach or Volunteer Coach, please read the attached information.  Click here to download application to become a Volunteer Coach.
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