Saturday, June 24, 2017
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  • Our vision and purpose is for EVERY child to succeed and to learn at high levels. Every child’s unique pathway to success is lined with many caring, dedicated, loving adults, partners, and programs. As our SK Community Declaration of Interdependence bluntly states: “Success for ALL takes us ALL! ~ Each of us is a key to their success.”

    What’s the first step to success? What can each of us truly do in order to ensure success for every child? Believe. We must believe in each and every child. Believe that they are capable of success – without exception. And we must not allow this essential first step, this action to be trivialized as a mere “feel good” slogan. Extensive research has been analyzed and compiled by Kids at Hope (a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a strategic approach to providing the conditions in which all children succeed) and their work has proven that children who succeed do so when:
    • They have people in their lives who believe they can succeed.
    • They have meaningful relationships with caring adults.
    • They are nurtured by a culture that is focused on successes and strengths.
    • They have “Treasure Hunters” in their lives who have and hold them to high expectations.
    Treasure Hunter? That’s the role and responsibility of every adult in our community – the role that our children, our TREASURES need us to play. And as the Kids at Hope research referenced above notes, children will perform to the level we expect of them - and to the extent we believe in them. A Treasure Hunter acts on the belief that every child can succeed – without exception.

    The Treasure Hunter Pledge
    As an adult and a Treasure Hunter, I am committed to search for all the talents, skills and intelligence,
    that exists in ALL children and youth. I believe ALL children are capable of success, No Exceptions!

    The Treasure Hunter Pledge is the counterpart to our students’ Kids at Hope Pledge. Our students pledge their belief in themselves, and we, as adults, are the source of their belief.
    A child once said, “I believe in me, because you first believed in me.” The commitment of a Treasure Hunter is driven by the fact that without this belief, children do not succeed. And when they don’t, in a sense, they are stating: “I don’t believe in me, because you didn’t believe in me.” 
    This is the purpose of our SK Community Declaration of Interdependence – a brief document that convicts and commits us to acting on our beliefs, our expectations, and our hopes for EVERY child. Please take a moment to go to our webpage, click on the SK Key logo, sign the declaration, and display your personal SK Key proudly!
    Thank you for accepting and embracing the vital role of “Treasure Hunter” and for acting and demonstrating to your child, every child, that you believe in them!

    Ready for K

    READY! for Kindergarten

    "Ready for Kindgarten has helped me to keep each of my three children on track as they progress through their baby, toddler, and preschool years by providing timely instructions, supplies, reminders and encouragement. Our family life has been enriched through this awesome program!"

    - Amy Neal, parent




    "Mrs. Emans is an amazing teacher and director. She is kind, fair and has helped me so much in becoming better in acting. She always brings me up and helps me believe in myself. She gives me the confidence, hope and is always positive. Mrs. Emans has inspired me so much. I have learned so much from her and am excited to learn more everyday. "

    - Ashley Duffy, SKHS student



    SKHS Athletics Program

    "Coach Sigurdson has been a mentor and a second father to me. He has taught me many things beyond football that have made me a better person. He believes in me and treats me as a real person."
    -Kaleb Nelson, SKHS student