Sunday, May 28, 2017
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SK Students Win Big at Regional Washington State History Day Competition

South Kitsap Quest students from Cedar Heights Middle School, Marcus Whitman Junior High and John Sedgwick Junior High participated in Regional History Days on March 20, 2017. Students become historians by developing research, analysis and presentations regarding an annual topic. This year’s topic is: Taking a Stand in History, and take a stand. Our amazing students placed in every category and 27 of our kids are headed to the state level competition on April 29 at Green River Community College in Auburn, WA.

 SOAR students at History Day

Paper Category: 

6th place - Brody Oliver from John Sedgwick, Topic: “Heliocentricity”

5th place -  Juliet Jaeren from John Sedgwick, Topic: “United States Women Soccer Team: Taking a Stand for Equal Pay and Equality”

4th place - Francesca Corso from Cedar Heights, Topic: Nicholas Winton: the Man Who Took A Stand For The Forgotten Children

2nd place - Nick Brimhall from John Sedgwick, Topic: The Nullification Crisis: challenging Federal Laws with the Ordinance of Nullification

1st place  - Aurora Asay from Cedar Heights, Topic: Sophie Scholl and the White Rose: How Six Leaflets Inspired the Stand Against the Nazi Party

Website Category:

3rd place - Farris Hovater from John Sedgwick, Topic: “The Women’s Social and Political Union: Taking a Militant Stand to Gain Votes for Women”

2nd place - Ashley Carlson from Marcus Whitman, Topic: The Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989

Group Websites:

3rd place - Jaykub Rafael and Tina Bogner from Marcus Whitman, Topic  Andres Bonifacio and the Katipunan: Taking a Stand for Independence from Spain

1st place - Liam Pavkovic & Ellianna Stone – John Sedgwick, Topic “Corrie ten Boom and the Room of Refuge”

Exhibit Category:

1st Place – Michelle He – Marcus Whitman, Topic:  Frida Kahlo: Taking a Stand for Feminism and Communism

Group Exhibit Category:

2nd place – Amaya Sims and Evelyn Collins-Winn and Skylynne Patterson – Cedar Heights Topic: Mary Harris Jones Takes a Stand Against Unfair Labor Conditions “

Performance Category:

2nd place – Callie Mueller –John Sedgwick, Topic: Whitold Pilecki: For the Free Poland 

1st place  – Max Feather – Marcus Whitman,Topic:  John Laurens: Taking a stand Against Slavery  

Group Performance Category:

2nd place – Mackinzy Martinez, Alex Herbst, and Joephery Rafael Marcus Whitman, Topic:  Stonewall Riots: Taking a Stand for Gay Rights

1st place –Colin Cox & Hank Spangler - John Sedgwick, Topic “John Adams and the Boston Massacre Trials

Documentary Category:

3rd place – Miranda Grogger - Marcus Whitman, Topic: Bob Dylan: Taking a Stand through Music

2nd place - Netanya Hall-Stevenson – John Sedgwick, Topic: From Super-Model to Civil Rights Activist: Waris Diries Stand Against FGM”

1st place – Ann Cabacungan - Marcus Whitman, Topic: Jane Addams and Her Contribution to the Progressive Movement

Group Documentary Category:

1st place – Morgan Stone and Jesse LaCross Lambert – John Sedgwick, Topic:  “Malala Yousafzai: Stronger than Fear”